NVIDIA-Certified Systems

GIGABYTE has many servers that are NVIDIA-Certified for accelerated computing. NVIDIA-Certified Systems are an essential platform for the evolution of enterprise data centers, delivering infrastructure that can handle a diverse range of accelerated workloads

NVIDIA-Certified Systems

GIGABYTE's NVIDIA-Certified servers are part of the essential platform for the evolution of enterprise data centers, delivering infrastructure that can handle a diverse range of workloads. It enables enterprises to confidently deploy hardware solutions that securely and optimally run their modern accelerated workloads. The certification process exercises the performance and functionality of a configured server by running a set of software that represents a wide range of real-world applications in data science, visualization, and high-performance computing. It also covers infrastructure performance acceleration, such as network and storage offload, security features such as Trusted Platform Module, and remote management capabilities.

Advantages of NVIDIA-Certified Systems

  • performance

    Configured to deliver excellent performance for a diverse range of accelerated workloads using parallel processing.

  • dashboard_management

    Validated for functionality of remote administration features. GIGABYTE servers are also tested to ensure full compatibility with enterprise software.

  • privacy

    Secure workflows by protecting data at platform, network & application layers. No compromising on security when running accelerated applications.

  • High_growth

    Tested to validate both multi-GPU and multi-node performance & performance of multiple workloads running on a single GPU with MIG.

  • plan_Deployment
    Fast Deployment

    NVIDIA-Certified servers enable enterprises to easily deploy software solutions from NVIDIA and partners for AI, data analytics, and more.

A Purpose-built HGX A100 Server for HPC and Data Science
4U Dual Processor SXM4 A100 8 GPU Server

GIGABYTE's NVIDIA-Certified Servers

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You May Be Curious?

The time is now for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using Virtual GPUs (vGPU) to take hold. Workers and devices are scattered, and employees often need to work remotely. This poses all sorts of challenges in terms of security, productivity, user adaptation, and IT management. Also, there is a shift to a greater need for engineers and designers to use 3D applications and other graphics accelerated applications with large amounts of data. In the past, CPU-only VDI environments were deployed to centralize management; however, these solutions could only reach office workers who did not need graphics acceleration, and power users, designers, and more were left out and had to stick with dedicated machines. Now, VDI has reached the point that all users who need graphics acceleration have a solution by combining VDI with vGPU. GIGABYTE has many servers specifically designed for VDI usage for productivity applications, 3D modeling, HPC applications, AI, and more.
【FAQ】Why does NVIDIA-Certified matter?
It is a system with NVIDIA GPUs and networking that has passed a set of certification tests to validate its performance, reliability, and scale for a wide range of workloads. And NVIDIA-Certified systems for the data center are tested both as single nodes and in a 2-node configuration.
【FAQ】What type of workloads can I run on the NVIDIA-Certified systems?
An NVIDIA-Certified System can run a wide variety of accelerated applications such as AI, HPC, visualization, and simulations. GIGABYTE Servers are tested on a range of representative workloads designed to verify best performance of the whole system. Data center servers also undergo infrastructure tests for security, accelerated data transfer and network security offload on both single-node and cluster-based systems. The goal of the tests is to ensure that the systems can deliver the necessary scalability and performance when running real-life workloads of many types. Customers should choose a GPU and network adapter that supports any special requirements of the application.
【FAQ】How can I learn more about which GIGABYTE servers are NVIDIA-Certified? 
You can visit NVIDIA's Qualified Systems Catalog to find all GIGABYTE servers that are NVIDIA-Certified Systems. Also, you can learn about servers that have a different validations, such as NGC-Ready Servers or Qualified Servers.
【FAQ】Does GIGABYTE have NVIDIA HGX systems? And are those all NVIDIA-Certified?
In the market already, GIGABYTE has several HGX systems for either 4 or 8-GPU. For AMD EPYC based servers with 8-GPUs: G492-ZD0 and G492-ZD2, and for 4-GPU: G262-ZR0. For Intel Xeon based servers with 8-GPUs:  G492-ID0, and for 4-GPU: G262-IR0

Currently, GIGABYTE servers that have been NVIDIA-Certified are the G492-ZD2 and G262-ZR0.

NVIDIA'S Invention of the GPU

In 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.